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Tony Fitzpatrick

Tony is best known for his illustrious football career. He came to the limelight when Sir Alex Ferguson made him the youngest captain in Scottish Premier League history at the age of 17! During 18 years of involvement at St Mirren Football Club (twice as manager) his highlight was winning the Scottish Cup in 1987. Tony also played for Bristol City for 2 years and was the youth director at Livingston Football club.

Tony now lives in the West of Scotland and runs 'KAN-DO Training and Development Ltd', helping many disadvantaged individuals with special needs. He also works alongside Strathclyde Police with CIRV violence reduction unit to help make a difference to those caught up in gang warfare and unemployment.

"The Adventures of Babakoochi and Friends" Among his many talents, Tony has written many stories in memory of his young son Tony who tragically passed away in 1983 (age 6) with acute myaloid leukemia - His nickname was "Babakoochi Bear".

About The Artist


Graeme Hewitson

After graduating from Art College in Glasgow, Graeme has worked as a professional artist and photographer producing dynamic images for the fine art industry. His unique and creative style of digital art is visually stunning and widely published. Graeme's other work includes and

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